Alternate Uber app UI concept

This is a visual variant personal project attributed to my Uber case study. 

Modern credibility through the use of sans serif typography (Avenir) and thin iconography. Simplicity and ease portrayed through ample whitespace. Teal CTA color used due to it's low association with strong feelings, yet provides a powerful and calming visual hierarchy. 

The first page upon installing the application. Afterwards, the user will always be logged in.
When booking a car, sliders allow you to quickly alter your times, while the calendar dates are presented in a simplistic, yet powerful manner.
From the map view, the user can search, tap locations, and discover the vehicles available that fit their date and time requirements.
Alternately, the list view allows the user to compare a greater amount of information and favorite any car they wish to save for later.
Upon selecting a vehicle, the price break down, distance from the user, and the features will be presented. From there the user is able to confirm the reservation.
User testing coming soon.

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