What's this all about?
I like to design "all the things". So working on fun side projects keeps me happy (and sharp). Here's few of my favorites a tid-bit behind each.
SoundCloud Re-Design
I gave a shot at "redesigning" the mobile SoundCloud player. Yes I can agree, redesigning a current app from the outside in can be, well, you know. But I had a lot of fun with this one.
The Reasoning
Soundcloud currently seems to take minimalism a bit too far by downplaying its own unique interactive personality. It doesn’t feel like that “upload whatever song you just made” community they’ve been so wildly popular for. 
My Tweaks
So I added back it’s ionic desktop features like time-specific comments, play counts, poster account, and date posted. I feel this gives it better ownership to whoever created the song. I also provided better album art, universal controls with sound cloud branding, and adding the “what’s next” feature since for some reason they continue leave you in the dark with that.
I enjoy music, a lot. Maybe too much, but also that’s not actually possible. I like to soak each track and then let it just play, select my 10 albums each year, constantly discover new music, send music, make music….etc. These aren’t even my top 2 albums of 2018; I just liked the album art.
This isn't very "product-y"
This is way more visual, but I suppose they're a bit inseparable. I’m always inspired by typography that can seamlessly embed a giant header. Something about it makes your phone feel lighter and causes you to interact with scrolling in a different way. 
I took a few chances on this one with the lines sweeping from the top and using plenty of white space to portray a leaderboard in a calmer, less dense fashion. Pitchfork was an inspiration for this. 
Calendar UI
I made this in 30m as a design challenged, so it's not very polished.
Dear Siri, I have 2 wishes
#1) Please integrate with Spotify! I was shocked when I tried to play a specific song from Spotify only to have Siri bluntly explain it simply won't. Surely we can all get along.
#2) Let's have a conversation. I'll ask Siri one thing, and then she instantly forgets what I asked. In the example above, if I ask her to play an Eagles song, she should remember what I just asked for, and be able to build off that. I loved this feature in Google Assistant. It reduced a ton of frustration. Hopefully it comes soon!

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